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Odillia, Now Links up With Snoop Dogg for New Single, “Break it Down”

  • Over 2.2 million views of Odillia and Lil Keed’s End of the World 

  • 48 on the Mediabase Radio Top 100 

  • As Seen on NBC, CBS, Fox and MTV 

Hip-hop and pop crossover sensation, Odillia, is releasing her most impressive track to date on 2nd October, seeing her team up with none other than Tha Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg on the brand-new track,  Break it Down. Break It Down comes hot on the heels of her chart-topping debut single End of the World,  featuring Atlanta’s Lil’ Keed that racked up over 10 million views on social media since it premiered in  February. Break it Down is accompanied by a video shot on the Caribbean island of Aruba. 

Lukevision owner Will Luke, alongside his business partner Courtney Benson, whose label signed Odillia, say they couldn’t be more excited about the success of his new artist, “Odillia is that rare breed of young artist with heart, soul and the talent and dedication to match! She has been an amazing addition to the label and we couldn’t have asked for a better performing debut than End of the World. We can’t wait to see how well the new single performs, especially with the legend Snoop on the track.”  

Leaving home to pursue her dream at only 16-years old, the 24-year-old Netherlands native shot to fame  after appearing on the hit BBC talent competition All Together Now. After moving to Los Angeles in 2019,  Odillia landed a major record deal, secured artist representation and was in the studio working on her US  debut within months. She is thrilled to be working on this collaboration with her long-time inspiration  Snoop Dogg.

Break It Down, which was written by Odillia, explores the ups and downs of a relationship with one partner in need of clarification of where things stand.  

I write all of my own songs,” she explains. “They are all based on things I have personally experienced or  the experiences of people in my life. Sometimes, when two people are in a relationship but not on the same  page, there comes that moment of honestly where they just have to break it down and say what it is they  want or don’t want from each other. I’m excited to play off those emotions in a back and forth with Snoop  with beautiful Aruba as the backdrop of the story.”  

Odillia pushes the limits of pop music with her talent and drive. She’s an all-round artist who sings, dances  and raps as great as she looks. She doesn’t care about boxes and refuses to be put in one. She has a vision that surpasses genres and crosses oceans and a mindset to conquer the world. Her first release Fight Them reached over 60,000 plays worldwide. Odillia is a hip-hop artist at heart but from this point, she extended her love of music to two-step, house, and garage with R&B and soul influences. Together with her team of  Netherlands-based producers she has been cooking up her first EP  genres that together create a borderless world for her out-of-place soul. And with her, many other misfits   


“Choose your own battle and fight it so many times you win, keep on fighting. Losing doesn’t mean you  can’t win eventually. Rock it like you think you are the shit”

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