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Six-year old Lukevision recording artist William “Lil’ Matick” Luke, III premieres his debut single and music video, “I Love Hugs!” written by Lil’ Matick himself. The song was penned as a tribute for a young boy who misses hugging his family and friends during this unfortunate pandemic. It also serves as an endearing reminder to hold on tight to our loved ones, and to continue to look forward to being reunited with family and friends when the time comes!


“I want everyone to hear my song,” says Lil’ Matick. “I love hugs was a song for my family and friends, and I want to share that love with kids around the world, because we all love hugs!” 

His mom and dad say Lil’ Matick’s love for music is no surprise, but his musical ability at such a young age has often left them speechless. “When William was a toddler, I started noticing him singing songs, and he was hitting the right notes,” recounts his mother, a singer herself.

His father, a twenty-year music industry executive and Lukevision label founder, says “We’ve always been very active in the church; so, there are a lot of musical influences there, and both sides of the family share a love of performing. We’ve never pushed him to be a performer/singer- it’s literally something he wakes up doing every day on his own. So when he approached us about recording his very first song he had written during quarantine, at that moment, we knew keeping him out of the recording studio was never going to be an option.”

The “I Love Hugs” music video debuted late summer and with over 4 million views Lil’ Matick is melting hearts around the globe! The story line celebrates both cultural diversity and the true heroes among us.  

In addition to music, Lil’ Matick loves baseball, swimming and gardening. He is thrilled about the release of his music video and new song, and is excited to share even more hugs, “I can’t wait for the coronavirus to be over; so, I can hug all my family and friends again.” That is something the whole word can agree on!

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